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EastEnders Spoilers August 14 – 17: Eve Has a Secret Admirer, Vinny Worries About Suki’s Health, and Stacey Gets Another Stalker Letter

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EastEnders episodes air Monday August 14 to Thursday August 17 at 7:30 PM on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Yolande’s Back to Walford

Monday August 14

Phil goes to the bookies and asks if Alfie would mind Tommy and Ernie whilst Kat is away visiting Little Mo.

Freddie arrives at the bookies for a bit of advice from Alfie and not realizing, lets it slip that Tommy is the one who told him where to find Graham.

Tommy and Alfie have a huge row.

Tommy heads to the park with Perry.

Alfie is angered when he finds Tommy and makes him go home where he attempts to make amends.

Phil gets down on Alfie’s parenting.

It’s chaotic when Freddie attempts to control Ernie.

Phil doesn't like Alfie's parenting.

Suki is jealous when she overhears a newcomer named Caz who is searching for Eve at the coffee shop.

Suki stops Bernie sharing information on Eve’s whereabouts out of jealousy that she might be interested in her ex.

Eve heads to the café to investigate her secret admirer, Caz. They agree to go on a date.

Eve meets a woman

Things get awkward between Eve and Suki in the Minute Mart.

Suki almost faints.

Theo invites Stacey for a drink and assumes it’s a date. When Eve appears, he’s angered.

theo with stacy, thinks he is on a date.

Tuesday, August 15

Alfie apologises to Tommy for being absent as a dad, and things are going well until he forbids him from seeing Perry.

Phil admits Tommy lashed out at Kat.

Kat and Phil take Tommy boxing at the Den with a kid his age.

alfie and phil take tommy boxing at the den.

Phil notices that Alfie is in pain and suggests he visit the hospital.

Bobby wrangles Anna into helping to arrange a surprise birthday party for Bernie so he can spend more time with Anna.

Anna’s not convinced that a cider, cheese and chess night is the way to go.

Anna  convinces Freddie to come along after a heart-to-heart at The Vic about Freddie’s father. They bond over absentee parents.

anna and bobby get closer.

Vinny and Nish worry over Suki’s dizzy spell but she downplays it and insists she can work.

Eve forces Suki to see the doctor.

Vinny tries to get his mum to open up about how she feels but she tells him to stay out of her personal life and show a little respect.

 Stacey encourages Eve to move on from Suki with Amanda.

Eve asks Stacey to stop leading Theo on.

Stacey informs Theo they’re only friends.

stacey and eve give each other advice.

Wednesday, August 16

Alfie distracts himself momentarily from his own problems by being there to support Linda, who wonders if she should fight Janine for custody of Mick’s baby.

Alfie agrees to meet the solicitor with Linda but Elaine and George think the custody idea is rubbish.

Alfie has a cancer scare.

Tommy sees Alfie getting in a taxi on his way to the hospital.

Alfie gets drunk and has a falling out with Phil.

Alfie has to apologise fast to Linda when he misses their meeting with the solicitor. He covers when she questions what’s happening with him.

Stacey sees Eve has a date later with Caz who is posing as “Amanda.”

Eve doesn’t want to attend her date with Caz (Amanda) when Stacey gets another stalker letter but Stacey insists she go and lends her a new outfit for the date.

eve worries when a new stalker letter comes in.

Eve and “Amanda’s” date is awkward.

“Amanda” finally admits her true identity to Eve as Caroline.

Vinny convinces Suki to attend a pamper session at Fox & Hair after Suki opens up about her mood.

Denise gives Suki a head massage.

Freddie tries to play matchmaker between Anna and Bobby by bowing out of their party planning meeting.

When Bobby tries to pretend he’s someone he’s not, Anna makes an excuse to get out of planning.

Tommy acts like someone he is not.

Thursday, August 17

Though Stacey supports Eve after she’s reeling from Caroline, she doesn’t think she should see the woman again.

Stacey prepares for social workers visitation.

Eve decides to meet Caroline at Walford East.

stacey being supportive.

Eve rages at home and trashes the kitchen, making Theo pretend he is concerned for her.

Lily and Stacey distract the social worker.

Alfie learns he may have cancer and processes this, as he isn’t very enthused about spending the day with Tommy and Phil at Boxing Den.

Tommy admits he’s worried about Alfie, having seen him go to the hospital.

tommy is worried for alfie

Bernie’s party turns out to be a great success and Bobby begins worrying that Anna has feelings for Freddie.

 Anna receives a message from her private investigator. She decides to meet him.