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EastEnders Spoilers July 31 – August 4: Theo ‘Edmund’ Becomes Aggressive, Freddie Meets His Father, and Honey Notices Ben’s Issues Surrounding Food

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What’s coming this week on EastEnders?

Gina makes a shocking discovery. There’s £200 missing from the Queen Vic. She and Elaine worry and Elaine jokes that she was about to accuse Tracey.

elaine learns anna stole money

Bernie takes in Ravi’s massive arms and asks Ravi if he ever gets tired of lifting “these things,” motioning to said heavily muscled arms.

“No,” he says, with a grin.

bernie asks if ravi gets tired of lifting his muscular arms

Sonia tells Whitney that she’s four days late on her period.

Whitney seems shocked as Sonia goes through denial and then finally wonders, “Am I pregnant?”

whitley learns sonia is pregnant

Reiss tries to tell Keanu that he’s one of the lads. “I’m very lad-like.” Keanu squints as though he doesn’t believe that.

Monday July 31

Gina gives Anna a warning

Gina soon discovers that her sister Anna has stolen the money with the intentions of hiring a private investigator to find their mum.

Gina warns Anna not to follow through with her plan, and though Anna agrees, when she’s alone, she privately vows not to back down.

anna talks to george about the PI she hired

Gina joins Jay at the pub, who is hanging out having a quiet drink. Gina puts a hand on Jay’s leg and he jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Things become awkward between Jay and Gina and afterward, Gina runs off to buy drugs from a dealer.

Kat takes Bert and Ernie to see Alfie at his new job at the bookies.

alfie is hurt that bert and ernie are seeing phil for their birthdays

Alfie wants to take his kids for the full day for a big birthday celebration this weekend. The kids are excited but Kat puts the breaks on that when she informs him that Phil’s taking them on some big trip this weekend. As always.

Alfie’s hurt that he can’t compete with Phil’s big fat wallet and that he only gets an hour to spend with the boys.

Freddie helps Alfie arrange a surprise pirate-themed birthday party for the boys.

Freddie makes a decision. Freddie wants to find his father after he spots Alfie’s strong fatherly bond with his own kids.

As Freddie prepares to meet his father, Billy, Graham and Alfie frantically try to track him down.

freddie watches as kat tells alfie he can see bert and ernie for an hour on their birthday.

Theo as Edmund, texts Stacey to tell her in big bold letters to stop ignoring him.


edmund/theo texts stacey

Howie delivers some mail to the bap van for Stacey and when she opens it, they all get an eyeful of some red lingerie that “Edmund” had sent over.

howie delivers the mail to stacey, surprised at the lingerie

Stacey and Eve try to get a plan together to draw out Stacey’s stalker.

Still oblivious to Theo’s real nature and the danger she could be putting herself in, Stacey invites him to have a cup of tea with her.

stacey and eve hatch a plan to get rid of the stalker

Tuesday, August 2

Freddie finds his father

Freddie asks Kat, Alfie and Billy for his father’s identity. Kat finally agrees to tell the lad about his father that night but doesn’t want to betray Little Mo, so she lies to him.

Later that night, Tommy gets an earful. He overhears Kat speaking with Jean and Harvey and learns that Freddie’s father is named Graham Foster.

bobby and freddie talk about graham foster.

Freddie searches for Graham online and finds his name on a car dealership website, along with a phone number to reach him.

Theo plays the hero to Stacey, when a drunken partier at The Albert propositions her.

Theo takes Stacey for some chips and walks her home, leaving her grateful for his help.

Anna, true to her vow, secretly meets a PI to discuss her mum’s disappearance.

Anna’s forced to reveal to George that she stole the £200 from the register.

When George asks his daughter to stop the search, Anna agrees to it. But when the PI contacts her with a lead, will she stick to her guns?

anna meets the private investigator.

Sonia is unhappy to have to spend the day off with Reiss’ wife Debbie when he’s unable to do it due to commitments.

Wednesday, August 2

Bobby helps Freddie

With Bobby’s help, Freddie sets up a meeting with Graham Foster.

He arranges to test drive one of the vehicles at the car dealership where the man works.

It doesn’t take much time before Freddie spills the tea and tells Graham his true identity, as his son.

Alfie, Billy and Kat worry upon realizing that Freddie’s gone missing.

bobby and freddie talk about graham foster.

The wind up getting the truth out of Bobby, who is reluctant to reveal where his friend has gone.

Gina has a little advice for Jay on parenting. Gina talks to Jay about growing up without a mum and discusses ways of parenting Lexi.

The discussion helps the two get past the unease of the last time they met when she put her hand on his knee, giving him the wrong idea.

gina bonds with jay.

Anna brings up their mother to Gina, who is once again worried about her sister.

gina gives anna a warning

Thursday, August 2

Freddie struggles

Freddie has learned the truth about his father and processes it, struggling with what he now knows.

Bobby tries to tell Anna the truth about Lucy’s death when she reveals — she already knows about his past.

Anna agrees to stop looking for their mother if Gina gives up using drugs permanently.

Sonia confides in Whitney. Sonia’s four days late on her period and Whitney’s surprised. She runs through a gamut of emotions before realizing it’s probably true.

Honey begins to notice that Ben has developed issues surrounding food.

sonia could be pregnant.